Seeded Bermuda With Hybrid Bermuda Quality

Since Riviera Bermuda grass was released in 2001 it has taken the turf industry by storm. Riviera has now been planted on all but one of the seven continents and let’s be realistic, grass is not an option in the Antarctica.

Riviera has been use extensively on golf courses, home lawns, roadsides, and almost every venue of sports. Initially recognized for its exceptional winter hardiness for a Bermuda grass variety in more Northern climates, Riviera has proven itself in other climates. Riviera has excelled in a vast array of turf applications in United States, China, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and the Mediterranean, just to name a few.

Riviera Bermuda has superior density, texture, color and early spring green-up make it a winner among turf professionals. And don’t let Riviera’s natural beauty be an indication for the lack of toughness. Riviera gets its share of plays on Sundays in the NFL and its share of hits on weekdays in the Major League. Wear tolerance is not an option for these applications and Riviera doesn’t disappoint, not even some of the biggest critics weighing three-hundred and fifty pounds.

Another amazing fact about Riviera is that it can be purchased in a bag or bucket. It is a seeded variety, not a sod type, and therefore can be planted with very little labor and expense. Riviera has proven itself for more than a decade in some of the toughest climates and applications.

Susan Owen is the owner of Koolau Seed & Supply Company, Inc.

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