Feeling the Urge to Write a Native Plant Article?

Well look no further, the next issue of Landscape Hawaii magazine is our native plant issue featuring a free native plant poster.

The magazine has a readership of 20,450 and is mailed to 6,000 addresses every two months. Our audience is the Hawaii landscape professionals. If you would like to write an article for next issue of Landscape Hawaii magazine, please choose a topic below and write either 600-750 words or 1200-1500 words. Submit 2-3 jpeg images at a minimum size of 1 MB. For an article submission example visit us online at: http://hawaiiscape.wpengine.com/landscape-hawaii-magazine

Topics we would love to see articles address (but feel free to write to another topic):

• Great native plant alternatives to popular ornamentals
• How to ethically and legally collect native plants
• Native plant propagation and seed storage
• Review of the best native plant resources – books, native nurseries and websites.
• Designing with native plant communities
• How to design Ethnobotanical gardens
• The ethical use of Native plant guidelines (monoculture vs diversity, island specific species, T&E, hybridization, etc.)
• Native ferns and how to use them
• Attracting native insects with plants (plus bee pollinator)
• Medicinal native plants
• Natural history and insular plant evolution: what are endemics vs indigenous and why do we have so many endemics?
• Quick review of the native plant taxa (and recent botanical name changes)
• Native plant alternatives to turf gras
• Attracting native and nonnative birds with plants
• The many colors of native Hibiscus
• Designing riparian environments with native plants
• Xeriscape native plant designs
• Designing a rain garden with native plants
• Using Native Plants for Japanese gardens
• The Dos and Don’ts of maintaining native plants
• Best native plants no one knows about
• Best indoor native plants
or think of other topics that interest our readers.

The editorial and advertising deadline is August 16th. Please email if you’re planning on writing article and send your finished article and images to the editor.


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