New LICT Communication Program

New LICT Communication Program

By Chris Dacus


Are you LICT or CLT certified and running out of time to complete your 24 CEUs to maintain your certification? Did your your certification lapse? Well don’t worry if you said yes to these questions, there’s a quick path to get your certification current – LICH’s new LICT communication program.


Since 1999, LICH has administered in Hawai’i, the PLANET Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) test formerly known as CLT.  Over three hundred people have passed the exam with many passing multiple certifications.


It’s hard to get certified and important to keep it current. If your certification has lapsed, PLANET at the moment has an amnesty program. Lapsed certifications can be recertified without retaking the exam as long as the LICT professional has earned 24 CEUs in the past 24 month period. For more information on the amnesty program, contact Zane Castle or Sharon Casmay at (800) 395-2522.


To better serve our certification community, LICH is launching a LICT communication program. The new program will keep LICT professionals informed of CEU classes, job opportunities and track reported CEUs earned. Look for the “PLANET CEU Approved” logo on event flyers to ensure you’re earning CEUs to maintain your certification and always make sure to sign the attendance sheet.


In May, the email newsletter will be sent to LICT members on file. The email newsletter will list the various training opportunities and job openings around the state.  Ensure you receive the email newsletter, sign up online at


PLANET has authorized LICH to approve CEUs for local educational workshops, greatly streamlining the process for event organizers and businesses to quickly add CEUs to their educational seminars, classes and workshops. Offering CEUs is a great way to increase event attendance and ensure the company decision makers attend. LICH is committed to respond within 48 hours with the number of CEUs and the official logo for use on event brochures. Submit your events today.


Increasingly maintenance contracts are requiring a LICT professional on the job site creating a higher demand and higher pay for LICT professionals. LICH will promote position openings requiring LICT certification and CEU approved events free of charge in the magazine and on the website.


To submit free LICT job listings or inquire about CEUs for an event please email


Earning CEUs or finding a job has never been easier.  Sign up for the email newsletter and keep your certification current. It’s pays to be certified!


Chris Dacus is a landscape architect and arborist for the Hawaii Department of Transportation and the President of LICH.

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