LICT Test Report / Oahu

Oahu LICT Test
by Brandon Au

First, congratulations to all of the participants that challenged themselves to strive for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) certification. To those that became an LICT, make every effort to become certified in the other designations to increase your knowledge to be a well-rounded landscape professional. And for those who did not pass, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up! You’ve started and dedicated yourself to becoming an LICT, so push to the finish!

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, at the University of Hawai`i’s Waimanalo Research Station,

16 candidates successfully completed all of the requirements needed to achieve an LICT certification. Newly-certified LICTs are listed below with some acquiring their 2nd and 3rd certification:


Allen Griffin, Mulkern Landscaping and Nursery (2nd certification)

Anthony Ortiz, Greenspace Hawaii (1st certification)

Damien Jamila, Landscape Hawaii (2nd certification)

David Marks, Marks Lawn Service (2nd certification)

Erwin Cadiz, HI Quality Landscapes & Maintenance


Turf Maintenance

Damien Jamila, Landscape Hawaii (3rd certification)

Rey Brian Domingcil, JR Yard Service (1st certification)

Alekisanita Tatofi, Smalt and Company (1st certification

Demian Swingle, Greenspace Hawaii (1st certification)

Romel Gaoiran, Ohana Nui Landscapes (1st certification)

Siaosi Sanft, Smalt and Company (1st certification)


Ornamental Maintenance

Demian Swingle, Greenspace Hawaii (2nd certification)

Kyle Scotka, Hapa Landscaping (1st certification)

Paul Ryan, Greenspace Hawaii (2nd certification)

Darryl Dudoit, Lanakila Workforce Resources (2nd certification)

Norman Ganin Asao, Landscape Hawaii (3rd certification)

Scott Uno, Performance Landscapes (1st certification)
Logan Mortensen, Hapa Landscaping LLC (1st certification)

However, there were 23 candidates who missed becoming an LICT by just a few problems. This shows that they are close to becoming certified and will soon join the rest as an LICT… Don’t give up!

The Oahu exam is the largest in the State of Hawaii, offering 3 certification designations, while testing 2 candidates at once. Without the support from certified LICTs, landscape contractors, industry professionals, vendors, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and others, it would be very difficult to hold such a huge event. This year, there were over 90 candidates, judges, volunteers, and sponsors for the exam. It was amazing to have neighbor island industry professionals join in on being judges. This shows that the landscape industry supports each other throughout the State of Hawaii.

As it is every year, the success of this program was possible due to the dedicated and hard-working Administrator, State and Island Chairs, Section Chairs, JTAs, judges, and volunteers. All of them took time out of their busy schedules to help with training, site preparations, set up and break down for their module, and worked together as industry professionals. We would like to recognize everyone and the business they represent:


Alexander Weitecha, LICT, A M Landscaping

Allen Griffin, LICT, Mulkern Landscaping and Nursery

Andrew Kendall, LICT, Kendall Landscape Services

Anthony Akau, LICT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Aolani Yamasato-Gragas, AGY, LLC

Ben Lee, Brownlie and Lee

Benny Abrigado, LICT, Performance Landscapes

Bruce Vidinhar, Ultimate Innovations

Carlton Luka, LICT

Craig Ball, LICT, Landscape Hawaii

Dale Sato

Dana Ogle, Ohana Nui Management

Darryl Dudoit, LICT, Lanakila Workforce Resources

Desmond Toson, LICT, Sato Landscaping

Dexter Adams, LICT, Island Landscaping and Maintenance

Dwight Fogle, LICT, BYU Hawaii

Eric Onuma, LICT, Island Landscaping and Maintenance

Erwin Amigo, LICT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Ester Aila, LICT, Royal Contracting Company

Garrett Webb, LICM, Kalaoa Gardens

Jerry Ilacas, LICT, Doris Duke Foundation

Jim Kinney, SiteOne Landscape Supply

Ken Sugai, LICT, Keauhou Nursery

Kenneth Combs, LICT, SiteOne Landscape Supply

Kevin Mulkern, Mulkern Landscaping and Nursery

Lanky Morrill, LICT, City Parks and Recreation

Madeleine Shaw, Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors Association

Marge Chikamoto, Simplot

Mark Isobe, LICT, Hawaii Convention Center

Mark Magarifugi, LICT, Ohana Nui Management

Marvin Lacara, LICT, Hana Industries

Marvin Thedford, Erosion Control Specialists

Matt Lyum, LICM, Performance Landscapes

Michael Hao, Lanakila Workforce Resources

Mike Johnson, LICT, Landscape Hawaii

Nicholas Huntsman, LICT, Performance Landscapes

Norman Allen, LICT, Ohana Nui Management

Randy Liu, LICT, Performance Landscapes

Robert Mann, LICT, Royal Contracting Company

Ron DeSilva, LICT, Landscape Hawaii

Roxane Orian, Ohana Nui Management

Scott Uno, LICT, Performance Landscapes

Steve Nimz, Steve Nimz and Associates

Strom Gaditano, Pacific Pipe Company

Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng, University of Hawaii at Manoa

The LICT program is always blessed to have such dedicated and loyal sponsors. It is hard to imagine sustaining such a long-standing program without these businesses. Lunch for the judge’s meeting held on Friday was provided by Rob Dunford from Crop Production Services and cold beverages were from Matt Lyum of Performance Landscapes. On exam day, lunch for the candidates, judges, and volunteers was provided by Leonard Smith and Jason Suzuki from Ness Turf Equipment/Hawthorne, and an abundance of snacks, water, and assorted beverages were contributed by Marge Chikamoto from Simplot.

Major sponsors who provided donations, including equipment rental and materials used for the exam were:  A M Landscaping, Ali`i Turf, B. Hayman Company, HLICA, Hawaiian Rent-All, Kona Irrigation, Lanakila Workforce Resources, Landscape Equipment and Supply, Landscape Hawaii, Maruyama, Norman Allen, Pacific Pipe Company, Performance Landscapes, Royal Contracting Company, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Southern Turf Hawaii, SR Service Rentals and Supplies, and the University of Hawai`i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR).

The Oahu LICT committee needs your help to sustain this growing program. After the program coordinator from last year departed, we were unsuccessful in finding another coordinator or a University Extension Agent to preside. We’re asking you to join the committee to build camaraderie within our landscape industry. If you’re interested, ask anyone listed in this article.


LICT is a national certification administered by NALP, National Association of Landscape Professionals, which represents more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals across America. In Hawai`i, there are over 350 LICTs with multiple certifications. The LICT program started in Hawai`i in 1999 and is administered by the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii (LICH).

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