2018 Oahu LICT Exam Final Report


This year’s Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) program for Oahu was in limbo as earlier in the year, word got out that the LICT program was to come to an end in April of 2019. However, many thought that the training and exam for 2018 was cancelled even though registration for training and the exam was posted on the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii’s (LICH) website.

With less than two weeks before the start of the classes, it was not clear if this year’s program was a go and registration for training was filling up. So, the committee needed to decide if the training should continue as the presenters needed to be confirmed, volunteers and sponsors recruited, and promotion for more participants conducted. Three weeks later, the classes started. Overall, there were 25 participants and the classes were held at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center, Pacific Pipe Company, and the University of Hawaii Waimanalo Research Station.

On the week of the exam, the candidates, judges, volunteers, and sponsors were ready to get certified… but the exam had to be rescheduled as Hurricane Lane, a Category 5 hurricane, hit the islands. The exam was held on Saturday, September 22nd, but with consequences… A few candidates, volunteers, and judges were not able to be there due to other commitments.

Nevertheless, our landscape industry pulled together and the exam was successful. We can never say enough about the people in our industry who give back to this program which provides opportunities for others to succeed. Without the support from LICTs, landscape contractors, industry professionals, vendors, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, candidates, and others, it would have been very difficult to have such an event. This year, there were over 50 participants at this exam. All of them took time out of their busy schedules to help with training, site preparations, set up and break down, and worked together as industry professionals. We would like to recognize everyone who contributed to the training and exam and the business they represent:

Al Kakazu, B. Hayman Company
Alexander Weitecha, LICT, A M Landscaping
Allen Griffin, LICT, Mulkern Landscaping and Nursery
Andrew Kendall, LICT, Kendall Landscape Services
Aolani Yamasato-Gragas, AGY, LLC
Beatriz Aragon-Balgas, UH Urban Garden Center
Ben Lee, Brownlie and Lee
Bert Oshiro, B. Hayman Company
Brandon Au, LICT, City Division of Urban Forestry
Chris Billete, Belt Collins Hawaii
Carlton Luka, LICT
Craig Ball, LICT, Landscape Hawaii
Craig Hara, Hawaii National Landscape
Daniel Arakaki, B. Hayman Company
Danny Green, Southern Turf Hawaii
Darryl Dudoit, LICT, Lanakila Workforce Resources
David Haili, LICT, Landscape Hawaii
Dexter Adams, LICT, Island Landscaping and Maintenance
Ester Aila, LICT, Royal Contracting Company
Esther Medrano, State Department of Agriculture
Garrett Webb, LICM, Kalaoa Gardens
Gregg Fujii, Landscape Equipment and Supply
Guy Hera, B. Hayman Company
Jason Suzuki, Ness Turf Equipment
Jerry Ilacas, LICT, Doris Duke Foundation
John Barrett, Maruyama Hawaii
Jonathan Perry, Oahu Tree Works
June Harada, City Division of Urban Forestry
Ken Ota, Pacific Pipe Company
Ken Sugai, LICT, Keauhou Nursery (Hawai`i Island)
Kevin Nakamura, B. Hayman Company
Lanky Morrill, LICT, City Parks and Recreation
Leonard Smith, Ness Turf Equipment
Lester Inouye, Lester Inouye and Associates
Madeleine Shaw, Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors Association
Marge Chikamoto, Simplot
Mark Leon, LICT, Sunshine Landscaping Company
Mark Magarifugi, LICT, Ohana Nui Management
Marvin Lacara, LICT, Hana Industries
Mason Morizumi, Takano Nakamura Landscaping
Matt Lyum, LICM, Performance Landscapes
Melissa Sabanal, B. Hayman Company
Michael Hao, Lanakila Workforce Resources
Michael Johnson, LICT, Landscape Hawaii
Myles Nishida, Walters, Kimura, Motoda
Nicholas Huntsman, LICT, Performance Landscapes
Rey Ito, The Green Doctor of Hawaii
Robert Agustine, Hawaii National Landscape
Robert Dunford, Nutrient
Robert Mann, LICT, Royal Contracting Company
Rogelio Corrales, UH Waimanalo Research Station
Ron DeSilva, LICT, Landscape Hawaii
Ronnie Agustine, LICT, Hawaii National Landscape
Roxane Orian, LICT, Paradise Landscaping and Maintenance
Saulieao Mamea, Jr., LICT, Sunshine Landscaping Company
See Ba Thee, Ali`i Turf
Shaun Yoshizawa, Pacific Pipe Company
Steve Ebisuya, LICT, Doris Duke Foundation
Steve Nimz, Steve Nimz and Associates
Strom Gaditano, Pacific Pipe Company
Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Major sponsors who provided donations, including equipment rental and materials used for the exam were: Ali`i Turf, B. Hayman Company, Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors Association, Hawaii National Landscape, Lanakila Workforce Resources, Landscape Equipment and Supply, Landscape Hawaii, Maruyama, Nutrien, Pipe Company, Royal Contracting Company, Simplot, Southern Turf Hawaii, Sunshine Landscaping Company, and the University of Hawai`i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR).

Congratulations to all of the participants and returnees who challenged themselves to strive for the LICT certification. To those that became an LICT, make every effort to become certified in the other designations to increase your knowledge to be a well-rounded landscape professional. And for those who did not pass, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up! You’ve started and dedicated yourself to becoming an LICT, so push to the finish!

11 candidates successfully completed all of the requirements needed to achieve an LICT certification. Newly-certified LICTs are listed below with some acquiring their 2nd and 3rd certification:


Brady Barsatan, Ultimate Innovations (1st certification)
Darryl Dudoit, LICT, Lanakila Workforce Resources (3rd certification)
Esther Aila, LICT, Lanakila Workforce Resources (3rd certification)
Francis Villanueva, LICT, Performance Landscapes (2nd certification)
Micah Paulo, Ultimate Innovations (1st certification)
Ronald Yi, Lanakila Workforce Resources (1st certification)
Ronnie Agustin, LICT, Hawaii National Landscape (2nd certification)

Turf Maintenance
Lisa Hoopai, Lamakila Workforce Resources (1st certification)
Keely Monroy, Lanakila Workforce Resources (1st certification)
Rockjohn Casintahan, Hawaii Landscape Service (1st certification)
Ronald Yi, LICT, Lanakila Workforce Resources (2nd certification)

Ornamental Maintenance
Francis Villanueva, LICT, Performance Landscapes (3rd certification)
Romel Gaoiran, LICT, Ohana Nui Landscapes (2nd certification)

This year was very challenging due to the announcement of the change in testing by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). However, there will be another training and exam in 2019, so make sure to visit the website in April 2019 at http://hawaiiscape.wpengine.com/training/ to register for the training as classes will start in early June. For those not yet certified, you will need to become certified by the end of 2019. Once the new testing format begins, you will have to start all over. Those needing a few sections to become certified should contact the LICT Administrator, Garrett Webb for more information.

LICT is a national certification administered by NALP, which represents more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals across America. In Hawai`i, there are over 350 LICTs with multiple certifications. The LICT program started in Hawai`i in 1999 and is administered by LICH.

Brandon Au is the head of the Nursery and Landscape Section for the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Urban Forestry.

Photos by Brandon Au


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