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Millenial Rising is back with an interview by Matt Lyum with Christopher Albores.
Chris has recently passed the LICT-Irrigation NALP Exam.



Q: Thank you to Chris for taking the interview and letting us get to know you! Where were you raised and how did that affect your path in life?

A: I was raised in Houston, Texas. I believe that being in an environment like Texas gave me a good appreciation for the outdoors which makes working in the green industry that much more fun. Also, Houston is very competitive in high school sports which I think made me competitive by nature and to always strive to be the best in whatever I’m working for or towards.

Q: Hawaii high school? College?

A: I went to The Woodlands College Park High School

Q: When did you graduate and what was your major?

A: I graduated from Texas Tech in 2017 with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Construction Engineering.

Q: What is your favorite green industry resource website?


Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: I’m a loyal Texan, so Whataburger is my favorite place to eat

Q: What is your favorite plant?

A: My favorite plant would have to be a bromeliad. So many different colors, and flowers and fruits that you can find.

Q: The trend is that landscape and agriculture are aging community, you’re bucking the trend – why?

A: Opportunity and Growth. I don’t think people my age or many others for that matter truly know how big and profitable this industry really is until they work in it. Plants never stop growing and customers keep calling, which means our job never stops. With the technology and research going into this industry as well, I think there is a very bright future for people who choose this career path.

Q: Who and/or what was the inspiration to start this business?

A: I did not start this company but I am learning from the owner and I believe he is one of, if not the best mentor I could ask for in this industry.

Q: What you trying to accomplish?

A: In terms of what I want to accomplish. I’m always learning and always consider myself as a student of the industry, so I just want to keep expanding my knowledge, keep helping my boss grow the company in size and revenue, and to be a positive impact on whatever project or job is in front of me.

Q: What is your best accomplishment so far?

A: My best accomplishment in this industry so far has probably been winning Contractor of the Quarter from our military contractor.

Q: What has the current generation done well? What do you think could be improved by your generation?

A: I believe my generation has done a good job at helping older generations adapt to the technological advances made in all industries. We are finding newer and better ways to increase business and expand the market no matter what line of work it is.

Q: What will the landscape industry look like in 30 years?

A: In 30 years the landscape industry will be electric. Literally. Battery power is a growing market for so many power tools and equipment used by all workers in the green industry.

Q: What advice would you give high school students consider a career in the green industry?

A: Advice for high school kids considering this career would be to have an open mind and patience. There are so many different career paths within the green industry that you could choose and sometimes kids rush into decisions. Be patient, find what drives and motivates you then don’t let anything  stop you from achieving your goal.

Q: Do you work with the Hawaii extension office?

A: I do not work with Hawaii extension office.

Q: Tell me about what you’re working on now.

A: Currently I’m helping my company oversee the residential contracts for some military bases and it’s a never ending job but I love what I do and love making the customers happy.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: Influences would be my father first and foremost he was my best friend and biggest mentor, but also my two bosses Matt and Benny who have really helped me grow not just in this industry but as a young man too. I was fresh out of college when I moved out to Hawaii not knowing what to expect or how long I would be here, but those two have really helped me personally answer the many questions every young adult may have as they make their way through life.

Q: What advice would you give someone thinking of choosing a career in the green industry?

A: Advice to someone thinking about this as a career path would be to be ready to get down in the dirt and have fun. It’s such a fun industry to be in and there is always someone to meet or something to learn.


Christopher D. Albores
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