Chuck with the Truck

“Chuck with the truck” is a term for a unqualified company pretending to be a professional contractor by having the appearance of being a professional with equipment and vehicles but not the knowledge, training and skills.

For the landscape contractor, there is a license administered by the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, but a majority of landscape companies are not licensed. For landscape professional there is no college “Bachelors of Landscape Construction.”

Being certified is the best way to differentiate yourself from “Chuck with a truck.” Certification is proof you know what you are doing or at the very least you have minimum competency to perform the task. It provides a foundation and demonstrates your commitment to being a landscape professional. Being certified gives you job mobility and is transferable anywhere in the United States. Certification gives you instant credibility. It gives you a competitive edge for employment and it is the #1 qualification. It greatly increases your chance of promotion and advancement in the industry. Certified landscape professionals learn a higher salary.

Once certified it is critical to continue your professional development through continuing education and advanced specialized certifications. To maintain certification, you are required to earn a minimum CEUs by attending classes provided by vendors, associations and conferences. Landscape professionals can usually earn CEUs from a wide variety of classes, but the catch is you must personally maintain your list of classes, CEUs and submit them before your certification renewal date.

At this point, there is no grace period for COVID, so make sure you have the necessary CEUs. The good news is that it is easier than ever to earn CEUs with the many online Zoom classes.

So don’t be a “Chuck with a truck.” Get certified and stay certified

by Chris Dacus

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