Landscape Sustainability Awards


The LICH 2013 Landscape Sustainability Awards recognize advocates of sustainability and landscape projects that demonstrate a high degree of innovation, commitment and achievement in increasing our understanding of the complex interactions between constructed and natural systems and are in harmony with the natural environment, resulting in ecological regeneration, social and improving public health outcomes. The awards additionally recognize that sustainability is everyone’s business and the need to share sustainable innovations and techniques within our industry.

Submitting is easy!
1. Read the Call for Entries

2. Download the award submittal template

3. Pay online

4. Submit award template file via (formerly known as to

And you’re in the running for the first annual LICH Landscape Sustainability Awards. Top awards receive a beautiful O’o stick award!

Award Categories

The award categories are:

  • Sustainability Award
  • Native Plant Design Award
  • Native Plant Advocacy & Research Award
  • Sustainable Company Award
  • Plant Pono Invasive Species Advocacy Award
  • Water Conservation Award
  • Edible Landscape Award
  • Student Poster

Award Levels

  1. La’au Ku Kahi Award for Excellence: One award may be awarded in each category, if determined by the judges.
  2. Mohalu Honor Award:  Any number of awards may be given in each category.

The meaning of the awards

Both awards are moon phases which keeps the notion of what we do in the landscape is inextricably connected to the greater elemental phenomenon in the Hawaii universe.

La’au Ku Kahi Award for Excellence – La’au means a tree, plant, timber, wood, to have formed mature wood as of a seedling, woody, wooden, stiff as wood. La’au also is for nights of the moon beginning with la’au.  Ku Kahi means Ku-erect, firm, the outcome we intend for all trees that have this characteristic.  Kahi is first, or one.  Ku Kahi means the outstanding, the super, excellence in the co-creation of the ways if la’au. It is also a post full moon phase, which means that this phase has already experienced the fullness of potential.

Mohalu Honor Award– means to blossom, it is the unfurling of buds, flowers, maturity. It is the fifth waxing moon moving towards the fullest moon – Hoku. The name and the shape of the moon implies that this honor is given to those who haven’t quite reached the full potential, but are well on their way.

Awards named by Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani


The judges for the 2013 Awards are Wendy Meguro, Amy Brinker, Richard Quinn,  Lauren C. Roth Venu, Judith Stilgenbauer, Christy Martin and Chris Dacus.  The 2013 Judge’s Biography.


June 12                Award announcement and beginning of accepting submissions
August 30            Submission Deadline
September 22     Award winners notified
October 10          Honors and Awards at the LICH Conference

Entry Fees

$50 Nonprofit Organization per entry
$75 LICH Members per entry
$100 Non Members per entry

Advocacy, student poster, and LICH nominated awards are free. Projects submitted by government agencies are free.

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