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Mowing Tips

Proper mowing height is important in maintaining the health and overall appearance of turf grasses. Each kind of turf grass has its own recommended range of upper and lower mowing height. Mowing near the lower end of the range in some species can be beneficial by causing an increase in the growth of the stolons and rhizomes, resulting in increased turf density.  However, mowing too low will reduce the amount of leaf area which will decrease photosynthesis. This will decrease the root mass resulting in a reduced tolerance to foot traffic and to heat and water stress, resulting in a brown lawn. Mowing near the lower end of the recommended range is tolerated better during the summer months in Hawaii when our warm season grasses are at their highest growth rate. Home lawns should not be cut lower than ½ inch, very low mowing at ¼  inch or below should be restricted to golf greens and tee boxes, where turf species adapted to low mowing and special professional care and... ...

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LICH Announces Runway Plant Show

Experience 50 new non-invasive plants like never before at the LICH Runway Plant Show with the creations of IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre on June 14th at the Kapiolani Community College Culinary School sponsored by Alii Turf Company. An evening not to be missed featuring models walking the runway with promising non-invasive plants, a rare plant silent auction, cocktails and pupus made from locally grown produce. Nurseries should submit plants for consideration by April 19th by email for more information. Check the website and the next issue for more details on ticket information. ...

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