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Tool Tips

By Phyllis Jones   Welcome to a new feature in your LICH magazine—the tool section.  In this section we hope to keep you appraised of what is happening in the equipment industry and how it will impact your business.  We will also give you some hints on factors to consider when purchasing new equipment.  We hope that these articles will be helpful to you, and we welcome your questions and feedback. The recent blower ban legislation serves as a reminder of how diverse the landscape industry is—from large and small contractors; to nurseries, golf courses, hotels and resorts, tourist attractions, cemeteries, to equipment vendors.  This blower ban legislation affects us all, and we all could be adversely affected should the ban be passed by the legislature.  This is a great opportunity for us to work together for the common good.  Gas powered tools (2 cycle or 4 cycle) are a necessity for all facets of the landscape industry.  They make good economic sense by reducing labor and time.  In a... ...

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Podio sponsors LICH

LICH is super excited about our newest sponsor – Podio! Being an organization with volunteers on 5 different islands, we have always struggled to be efficient and now we have the perfect solution – Podio. Podio is a cloud based collaboration tool to bring LICH together, communicate, collaborate and deliver improved services to the green industry. And we have lots planned for 2014! Thanks Podio! Many Hawaii nonprofits are in the same boat, literally, so check Podio out at   ...

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Warranty Does Not Mean Guarranty

HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS!!  Are you off to a good start?  Let’s all commit to becoming more knowledgeable about what we do and how we can do it better.  I’m ready to help in any way that I can, so if you have questions, feel free to ask.  For this issue, let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic, when is a warranty not a warranty? The story I am about to tell is true.  Earlier this year I was making a sales call to an experienced, professional landscaper.  He had purchased a chain saw one month earlier, and I asked him how the saw was working.  It is here that the story begins.  After purchasing the saw, he explained that they brought it back to their shop, took it out of the box, and put fuel in it.  They went to start the saw; it started but would die when they tried to “rev” it up.  They tried several times and the same thing happened; no high rpms.  They took it... ...

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