Certification at the Conference

Continuing Education Credits:

The LICH Annual Conference is the ideal event if you are a Landscape Industry Certified Technician. Attend the conference to: increase your knowledge, enhance your skill level, check out new equipment and other landscape products AND pick up much needed Continuing Education Units! You will receive 5 CEUs for attending the educational sessions and 1 additional CEU for attending the Trade Show, for a total of 6 CEUs for the day. These CEUs are vital to stay re-certified with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Staying current with your national certification keeps your company on the Hire a Professional list (Click Here)

Landscape Industry Certified Manager Test
This exam is designed for exterior or interior landscape contractor business owners or managers, or those on the management fast-track. This is a five and a half hour written exam covering: Corporate Finance, Exterior (or Interior) Production/Operation & Horticulture; Human Resources; Leadership and Corporate Citizenship; Marketing and Sales Management; Risk, Law & Contracts; and Strategic Planning. The exam will be offered on Thursday, October 11th, at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center. The exam is offered every year by LICH. An applicant who registers for the exam can take up to three years to prepare for the test. Call Garrett for more information at 808 960-3650, or go to the LICM-Exterior Page on this web site; click here..           Get Certified