LICH has signed its third Micro Vendor Contract with the State of Hawaii, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Workforce Development Division, Employment Training Fund.

LICH is the Training Vendor for LICT classes and Certification Tests in 2020 and 2021.

50% discounts are available for any employee of a company with a Federal ID# that has filled out and submitted BY EMAIL an Employer Referral Agreement. A DOL# (Department of Labor) is also required (used to be a GE#). When the form has been accepted, then a registration form for a class or test can be submitted paying one half of the registration fee. Employer Referral Agreement must be submitted TWO weeks before Class or Test.
Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and read the Employer Referral Agreement Form Instruction sheet.
  2. Download and print the ETF Local Offices Information sheet.  Click Here
  3. Download, print, and fill out both pages of the Employer Referral Agreement. A company filing for more than one employee needs to submit one form for each employee. A business owner can also fill out a form for themselves. The Employer Referral Agreement will be submitted BY EMAIL to the Office on the Island on which you live.

Here are the Course Titles, Total Tuition and DLIR/ETF Costs (50%) which equals the Employers Cost.(when COVID-19 allows for full LICT Training indoor classes, those classes will be added to this list. Hawaii Island Landscape Association is presently offering 3.0-hour outdoor classes which follow the practices of social distancing, wearing masks etc.).

  • NALP LICT-Exterior Test
    $545      /   ETF $272.50
  • NALP Retake Exterior Test
     $140      /   ETF $70
  • Continuing Education Hands-On Training Program
    (all four classes) $170      /   ETF $85
  • Basic Botany and Horticultural Principles
    $60        /   ETF $30
  • Proper Pruning Techniques
    $60        /   ETF $30
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
    $60        /   ETF $30
  • Irrigation Design, Hydraulics and Troubleshooting
    $60        /   ETF $30

Notes on filling out Section I / Columns:
Course No. & Section / Leave Blank
Course Title / Any listed Above that you are applying for
Class Dates / insert class date
Total Tuition (for each class or test you are applying for)
DLIR/ETF Costs (50% of total tuition)
Employer’s costs (50% of total tuition)
All LICH Classes or Tests do NOT exceed balance exceeding tuition cap – can leave blank