Webinar featuring Dr. Igor Lacan / Pest Update

June 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Your Home of Office
Rose Epperson

Urban tree managers face an ever-changing cast of pest problems, some that are brand new, some that are re-emerging, and yet some more that do not directly affect trees but may be observed in the course of tree work (and thus the client may ask their arborist for advice or management). Rather than focusing on a single pest, this presentation aims to quickly inform arborists about some problems that are new or might not have been noticed before. In this presentation we will briefly review twelve pests – four diseases, seven insects, and one mite – that may be observed by arborists working in California, although not all are widespread (yet). For each pest, we will briefly cover the identification and life cycle, will review the damage caused, and will provide additional resources for learning and managing these problems.

Dr. Igor Lacan is a University of California Cooperative Extension Advisor for the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in urban forestry. Focusing on trees and water, Igor’s research projects explore emerging issues in urban landscapes such as optimizing tree growth in stormwater facilities, as well as contribute to mitigating longstanding problems such as wood decay and failure in urban trees. Igor produces extension and outreach materials that transfer findings from the University to practicing arborists. Igor’s academic training includes urban forestry (PhD), aquatic ecology (MS) and ecology (BS) all from the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!).

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