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Landscape Hawaii has a readership of 20,450 and mailed to 6,000 addresses every two months. We are volunteer staffed magazine promoting the green industry of Hawaii. If you would like to write an article for Landscape Hawaii, please use the contact us form.


The mission of Landscape Hawaii is to support LICH’s mission to build industry unity by promoting high standards and professionalism through education, training, and certification and by providing a forum for the sharing of information and by celebrating the success of its members.


We are interested in stories that educate our audience, share new approaches and technologies and highlight the heroes of our industry. Stories should be informative, instructive, objective and positive. We do not endorse any political candidate, political party, or express religion views. We do not print promotional articles or advertorials or compare or rate products. We do not accept negative stories. Landscape Hawaii prefers 300-700 words for one page stories and 1,000 to 1,500 words for two page feature stories. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject any article. Check out our LICH article example.


We run post event stories and event annnouncements as half page stories if space permits. If space is limited, we run the post event stories in our the “Event Gallery” photo collage pages. The first Event Gallery photo provided will run with 30 words or 200 letter caption. We post every photo you send us online on our website and Facebook page.


The first mention about a plant common names must include the botanical name in italics in parathensis. Native plants should only use Hawaiian name. Nonnative plants with Hawaiian names should use correct non-Hawaiian common name. See appendix for plants commonly misnamed.


It is the responsibility of the author to obtain all necessary permissions for all submitted photographs. Submissions should include the name of the photographer as it is to appear in the credit line and a written photo caption. List groups of people from left to right and from back row to front row. High-resolution electronic images should be saved in JPEG or TIFF format and be between 750K and 2 Mb in size.


The Landscape Hawaii reserves the right to reprint an article and to post an article to our website.

Editorial Calendar 





 Jan/Feb  Nursery, Fertilizer, Irrigation  11/16/22 1/7/22
 Mar/Apr Turf / Golf Courses / Parks  1/14/22  3/7/22

Sustainability / Design

3/15/22  5/7/22
 Jul/Aug Invasive and Edibles  5/13/22 7/7/22
 Sep/Oct Conference and Native Plants  7/15/22  9/7/22
 Nov/Dec Certification  10/18/22  11/7/22
 Jan/Feb TBA  1/7/23

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