LICT Test Registration and Information

LICT-Exterior Test 2020
Administered online / Set your own date to take the Test. First take Common Core Test
and then set the date for your Specialty:
Irrigation, Turf Maintenance, Ornamental Maintenance or Softscape.

The cost for the LICT-Exterior Test:
NALP Member / $445 (ETF $222.50)
and Non NALP Member / $545 (ETF $272.50).
Retake Fee: $140.00 (ETF $70.00)
*If you are already NALP Certified and adding a Specialty Component (used to be Module) the cost is:
Non NALP Member: $515 (ETF $257.50)
NALP Member: $415.00 (ETF $207.50)

As with all LICT testing, study using the NALP Training Manual is a must! To order a PLANET Training Manual, go to the LICT Program page by clicking here

ETF is such an important savings and makes registration so much easier, submit your Employer Referral Agreement right now and on the form, set the test date and time of your choosing which could be any time this year! An Irrigation test prep webinar is scheduled for September 12th, 19th and 26th (see Events calendar), and a Common Core Test prep webinar is scheduled for September 18th. Set your test date and time to give you time to study your Training Manual and be ready for your computer test.

With ETF approval,
LICT-Exterior Test Registration is a cinch!

Get ETF approval first (go to the ETF Page). When approved, send your approval notice to Margo at and let Margo know which Specialty Component you registering for and Margo will enroll you. Be ready to pay the ETF price. You will set your own test dates, one for Common Core (if you need it) and the date and time for your Specialty Component (Module). You can test any time before June 2021!

For LICT 2020 Test Information (length of tests, subjects tested on etc.) , click here

Ready to Register for the Test without ETF? Here is a full description, with photos, of how to register, click here.

Here is a a step by step to follow to register :

To enroll, go to
Sign in using your credentials (if you don’t know your credentials, email Margo at and she will email them to you.
Once you are signed in go to Learn>Certification<Exterior<Technician
Click on Green Button ‘Enroll Today’
*you will be taken to your Profile where you will review and update your name/address information
*Under Referring Partner, use the drop-down arrow and select Hawaii (LICH)
*Under Work Experience, select the # of years you have been in the industry
*Under Region, select Tropical (Hawaii/Florida)
Click Next
*Under Certification Program Options>Skilled Technician Program, select Landscape Industry Exterior Technician
*Select the specialty you want to enroll in.

Select Add to Cart for either the English or Spanish exam
Click Next to proceed with enrollment.
The next page relates to Training Manuals which is optional. If you need a Manual, click here to order your Manual from LICH.
Click Finish to complete enrollment and process payment
Fill out your credit card information, then Submit Order.  A confirmation will be sent to your email address.


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