LICT Test Registration and Information

LICT-Exterior Test 2020

In these precarious and unusual times we are living in, the Landscape Industry Certified Program is still alive and as functional as possible given the social distancing rules we are abiding with. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keeping Certified.
    If you have kept your Landscape Industry Certified status current with NALP, you may want to look at your ID card and make note of your expiration date. If it expires December 31, 2020, like mine does, be aware that you need 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to recertify. Hopefully you have kept track of your CEUs. The best way to do that and to recertify easily is to have your Username and Password established on the NALP website. If you have not done this already, call Margo Rash at 703 456-4209 and get set up. You can keep track of your own CEUs online and recertification is a snap-no forms to decipher and fill out. Workshops and Conferences, and Company Safety meetings are labeled as Educ 1.
    Since classes are not being held during COVID 19, check out the  Home Page. There are some great webinars being posted that count as CEUs!
  • Why Stay Certified?
    This is the year that LICH will be marketing your certification. All landscape companies that have managers or technicians who have maintained their certification i.e. current with NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) are now listed here. LICH will actively be promoting the hiring of Companies with LICs to the general public. You will be hearing more soon.
  • Adding a Module
    The new LICT-Exterior Test is available to take on a computer only and can be taken any time you are ready. If you are Certified and thinking about adding a Module, remember that all LIC testing is covered by ETF (the Employment Training Fund) which pays half of your cost. Just be sure to get ETF approval before registering for the test. See below.
    Since you already Certified, you do NOT need to take the Common Core part of the LIC exam which includes the following subject matter: Communication, Safety and First Aid, Vehicle Operation and Safety, Tools and Equipment, and basic Math (sound familiar?). The cost is: NALP Member / $415 (ETF $207.50) and Non NALP Member / $515 (ETF $257.50). As with all LICT testing, study using the NALP Training Manual is a must! LICH will set a date soon for an Irrigation School webinar that will be available in August 202. Information will be available on the website soon. There will be five two hour webinar classes taught by Jay Deputy that will be designed to help you get ready for the LICT computer test.

LICT 2020 Test Information

(no Common Core needed for testing to add a Module)
Complete EC Test Cost / Member $445.00 (ETF $222.50 / Non-Member $545.00 (ETF $272.50)

75 questions/100 minutes

  • Common Core
    Irrigation Plan Reading
    Irrigation Components and Principles

    • Basic Electricity and Underground Wiring, Hydraulics, Soil Types, Controllers and Remote Control Valves, Pressure Loss, Elevation Change and PSI, Velocity and Surge, Water Delivery Methods
  • Irrigation Methods and Procedures
    • Installation of : Pipes and Fittings, Mounting and Wiring of:  Connections, Controllers and Valves.  Backfilling and Compacting, Flushing, Nozzlesand Sprinkler Head Adjustments, Electrical and Hydraulic Troubleshooting, Damaged Component Replacement and Repair, Winterizing.
  • Equipment and Tools
    • Trenchers and Pipe pulling equipment
    • Control Programming

Softscape Installation
125 questions/135 minutes

  • Common Core
  • Softscape Plan Reading
  • Softscape Horticultural Principles
    • Cultural Requirements, Grading and Drainage Principles, Soil Amendment Methods, Planting Methods, Mulching Methods, Fertilization, Pruning Methods, Plant Preservation, Plant Removal, Minimizing Plant Erosion, Plant and Environmental Identification, Sod Installation, Mulch Application
    • Tree Planting: Preparation, Placement, Backfilling , Staking and Transplanting
    • Irrigation System Components: Basic Program Controllers, Lateral Repair, Head Adjustments
  • Equipment and Tools
    • Fertilizer Equipment
    • Skid-Steer
    • Rototiller

NOTE:  The Softscape Installation exam includes questions on plant identification and environmental sensitivities. The questions are regional-specific.

Ornamental Maintenance
125 Questions/135 Minutes

  • Common Core
  • Irrigation Components and Principles
  • Ornamental Maintenance Horticultural Principles
    • Cultural Needs, Tree Planting, Pruning, Pest Management, Top Dressing and Mulching, Plant Protection, Growing Media, Plant and Environmental Identification, Plant Installation, Basic Program Controller, Head Adjustments
  • Ornamental Maintenance Calculations
  • Equipment and Tools
    • Chainsaw
    • Pest and Disease Equipment
    • Pruning Tools

NOTE:  The Ornamental Maintenance exam includes questions on plant identification and environmental sensitivities. The questions are regional-specific.

Turf Maintenance
90 questions/120 minutes

  • Common Core
  • Irrigation Components and Principles
  • Turfgrass Maintenance Principles
    • Sod Installation, Cultural Requirements, Watering Requirements, Pest Management, Adjusting pH, Fertility, Basic Program Controller, Head Adjustments
  • Turfgrass Maintenance Calculations
  • Equipment and Tools
    • Mowing
    • Aeration
    • Dethatching
    • Edging
    • Trimming

The LICT test is available right now at the NALP web site;

BUT you may want to study and take classes before registering for the Test! Also, LICH has added the computer only test to our Employment Training Fund Matrix. That means the Workforce Development Division will be able to pay half of the $545.00 Test Fee and half the $140.00 Retake Fee.

If you are planning to apply for ETF for the upcoming classes, or the test, you will need to have ready a Federal ID# and a Department of Labor#-both required.

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