LICT Test Registration and Information

2020 Registration Forms: Not yet available

LICT Test 2020
              As you might know by now, the LICT Test this year will be a Computer only test that will continue to include the Written Tests as they have been given. Also included will be elements of the Field / Hands-on Test as previously been given but in a new form involving videos, photos, and multiple-choice questions. The PLANET Training Manuals that have been used as study material in our classes state wide will be the study guide for the 2020 LICT Test. Ornamental Maintenance, Turf Maintenance, Irrigation, and Softscape Installation will be the modules offered as in the past.

The LICT test is available right now at the NALP web site;

BUT you may want to study and take classes before registering for the Test! Also, LICH will be adding the computer only test to our Employment Training Fund Matrix. That means the Workforce Development Division will be able to pay half of the $545.00 Test Fee and half the $140.00 Retake Fee. This process will take a month or so to become available. Be patient; we will be in touch when ETF is available for the test.

If you are planning to apply for ETF for the upcoming classes, or the test, you will need to have ready a Federal ID# and a Department of Labor #-both required.
Classes that are now qualified for ETF funding: Kona LMT Classes (all or individual classes); Irrigation School (Lynnett Tohara, instructor); Maui LICT Training; Oahu LICT Training Program. Class dates to be announced soon.


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