Member Organizations

Formed in June 1986, the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii is a state wide alliance representing Hawaii’s diverse landscape trade associations: Aloha Arborist Association, American Society of Landscape Architects Hawaii Chapter, Hawaii Association of Nurserymen, Hawaii Island Landscape Association, Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors, Hawaii Society of Urban Forestry Professionals, Kauai Landscape Industry Council, Maui Association of Landscape Professionals, Professional Grounds Management Society, and the Big Island Association of Nurserymen.


Aloha Arborist Association

The Aloha Arborist Association, (AAA), is an organization of tree professionals as well as private citizens concerned for trees and their environment. We are a state-wide organization with members from The Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. Since 1976, AAA has not only helped Hawaii’s Tree Care Professionals stay current with the latest in arboricultural practices, they have assisted other organizations in raising the awareness of proper pruning and planting techniques.

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Big Island Association of Nurserymen

Founded in 1968, the Big Island Association of Nurserymen (BIAN) was organized to promote the nursery industry on the Big Island of Hawaii and to bring together like minded people. Since that time, the Big Island has become the hub of a $100 million dollar statewide floriculture and nursery products industry.

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Hawaii Association of Nurserymen

The Hawaii Association of Nurserymen was first organized by some very progressive farmers who foresaw the need for an association that would not only promote their products and increase sales, but also educate and facilitate their cooperation with governmental agencies. The side benefit would be the camaraderie fostered when like-minded businessmen focus on a common mission. In the past, HAN has co-sponsored trade shows, seminars and educational conferences. For more information about BIAN and joining their association, please feel free to contact Hawaii Association of Nurserymen at 1860 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 420, Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 951-0055.


Hawai‘i Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) serves over 17,000 members nationwide in 48 professional chapters and 68 student chapters. The Society’s mission is to lead, to educate, and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. It is committed to advancing the understanding and awareness of the role of landscape architects in developing environments that are creative, inspiring, functional and enjoyable. The Hawai’i Chapter of ASLA combines those commitments with issues and initiatives that are closer to home.

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Hawaii Island Landscape Association

Welcome to HILA, a non-profit organization that serves the landscape community on the Big Island by offering: education and training classes, certification for professional landscapers, an annual Trade Show and Conference, scholarships for aspiring professionals and quarterly membership meetings. Join us in our quest to beautify our island home by promoting best management practices for both professional and amateur landscapers.

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Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors

Founded in 1970, the Hawaii Landscape and Irrigation Contractors Association (HLICA) is dedicated to a greener Hawaii. Our goal is to create a more beautiful Hawaii. HLICA membership is comprised of both members and associate members. HLICA is an organization that brings the landscape industry together to find solutions to problems shared by those in the business of landscaping and to promote communication and awareness of new techniques and ideas. Members of HLICA have been involved in a variety of worthwhile projects throughout the state such as the Ronald McDonald House of Honolulu, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fountain and other projects that concern the green industry and its future. Members have also served as expert consultants for the enforcement of landscape and irrigation construction standards in the State of Hawaii. HLICA members were responsible, in conjunction with the Hawaii Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, for updating the Hawaii Construction Standards and Specifications for Landscape Planting and Irrigation.

For more information about HLICA or to become a member or associate member, please contact us at (808) 951-0055 or write to P.O. Box 88416, Honolulu, Hawaii 96830.


Hawaii Society of Urban Forestry Professionals

The Mission of the Hawai’i Society of Urban Forestry Professionals is to ensure a well-managed and enhanced urban environment of Hawai’i by improving and refining the art and science of urban forestry. HSUFP provides a professional learning community where members with diverse backgrounds collaborate for the betterment of our urban forest. It provides workshops and resources, facilitates research, and promotes standards that ensure the wise management of the urban forest for the benefit of every citizen and visitor to Hawai’i.

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Kauai Landscape Industry Council

KLIC’s mission is to promote and support research and education towards the improvement of landscape and nursery practices, share information relevant to the landscape community and the public, assist governmental agencies in developing policies related to landscaping, the beautification of the Island of Kauai, and the promotion of economic development and stimulate public interest in landscape gardening, tree planting, and horticultural practices, towards the beautification of public and private places, for the benefit of Kauai’s environment, communities, and visitors. KLIC sponsors seminars and field trips for the betterment of Kauai’s landscape industry. KLIC has also been an active member of the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii (LICH) since its inception. KLIC is open to all individuals and businesses directly or indirectly involved with the landscape industry, including nurseries, landscape contractors, landscape architects, gardeners, suppliers, and educators. Please feel free to contact KLIC for more information or membership application.

For more information about KLIC and joining their association, contact:


The Maui Association of Landscape Professionals 

The mission of the Maui Association of Landscape Professionals (MALP) is to exemplify leadership by offering education to its membership, the industry, and the community. The goal of MALP is to improve the standards and promote the growth of the Landscape Industry on Maui.

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The Professional Grounds Management Society

The Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) was established in 1911 as a professional society for the individual with the purpose of education and professional advancement. The majority of PGMS members are institutional grounds managers who work for organizations such as colleges and universities, municipalities, park and recreation facilities, office parks, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, cemeteries, theme parks and landscape management companies. With over 600 members worldwide, PGMS’ mission is uniting and serving Green Industry professionals and others through education and environmental awareness. 

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