Whether you are a new or experienced landscape technician, you can benefit from Landscape Industry Certified Technician training programs. Our member organizations offer basic education in landscape maintenance as well as advanced certification preparatory classes, irrigation instruction and more.

The landscape maintenance sessions consist of 10 to 13 individual classes dealing with various specific aspects of maintenance and irrigation repair. These sessions are offered annually on Oahu, Big Island, Kauai and Maui.

A separate Irrigation School is offered at least once a year on the Big Island. This is a two-day session, which covers irrigation topics in much greater detail and is intended for the more experienced landscape irrigation professional.

Registration Forms for the 2019 Hawaii LICT Training Courses

Employment Training Fund discount of 50% should be available for the LICT Test ONLY this year (but NOT for the Classes!_

*Oahu LICT Training)
Registration only available now at the door! / Note New Schedule:
LICT Maintenance Training: click here
LICT Irrigation Training: click here

LICT Field Day hands-on Training
ETF funding may be available / Registrations will be posted later
Maintenance: click here
Irrigation: click here

*Kona Landscape Maintenance Training
Class has finished / next class 2020

*Kona Irrigation School
Class has finished / next class 2020

*Kauai Landscape Industry Certified Training
2019 Class Registration Form:  not yet available

*Maui 2019 Classes: TBA

ETF Funds Will be Available soon!

Employment Training Fund discount of 50% will be available this year. You may apply, but will not hear that you are approved until late April

Employment Training Funds will be available in 2019. The Hawaii Department of Labor Workforce Development Division estimated a signed contract sometime in April! ETF will be available forL
1) Employers / Companies with a Federal ID# who want to register employees for an LICH Training Class or LICT Certification Exam.
2) Single person companies with a GE License
To qualify for ETF funding for a LICT Certification Test, you must take at least one LICH-LICT related class.

How to Qualify
Companies must fill out and sign an Employer Referral Agreement (not yet available) and submit it to the Department of labor by mail, fax or email ten days before the class or test to which they are sending employees.
After getting notice that you qualify for ETF Funding, THEN send in the class registration checking ETF Cost (half price).


The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP, formerly PLANET) offers three excellent training manuals to help prepare for the LICT Exterior Certification exams: one each for Installation, Maintenance, and Irrigation.

To Order PLANET Training manuals, submit the Request Form below

LICT Training Manual Order Form

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Click here for a list of landscapers who have ever achieved certification in Hawaii